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Support federal bid-listing legislation!

Ask your member of the U.S. House of Representatives to co-sponsor H.R. 1778, to end practices like post-award bid shopping and bid peddling on federal construction projects.

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BPI & Bidding | American Subcontractors Association of Texas



Anyone can write a low number on a bid sheet – it doesn’t require expertise or insight. A bid based on solid business information obtained through experience will ultimately be the most successful. The lowest and most responsible bid can only be made if you have all the facts. Your best resource for that information is the ASA Business Practice Interchange (BPI) Program.


º BPI is ASA’s way of providing factual and accurate information.

º BPI is ASA’s way of avoiding payment problems.

º BPI is ASA’s way of having members learn improved business practices on all types of issues from handling safety procedures, current trends, and negotiation tips.  Members learn from respected and experienced members – who could be a better teacher and mentor?

º BPI is ASA’s way of investigating the business reputation and practices of general contractors or builders direct from other ASA members before you bid.

º BPI is ASA’s way of going in with your eyes open as to payment  practices, contracting tactics, contract adherence, jobsite practices, change order procedures back order methods, retainage policy, retainage policy, and credit reliability.


º BPI is the best tool available for subcontractors and suppliers in the selection of business partners.


What BPI is NOT:


X BPI is not a GC bashing session.

   BPI is not black listing.

BPI is not price discussions.

BPI is not a method to harm legitimate contractors in any way, form or fashion.

Good, honest GC’s and Construction Managers should not only encourage BPI, they should strongly consider setting up their own system of evaluating subcontractors and be more selective in taking bids. ASA members should welcome such scrutiny knowing that the competition for any given contract would be among equally qualified and legitimate contractors.

One cannot afford the mistake of taking a job that could easily wipe out many years of hard work. The astute subcontractor and supplier will take advantage of this valuable member service. ASA is the only national construction association to offer the Business Practice Interchange (PBI) Program.

Membership in ASA Chapters Pays ! !

Many members say what they learn at just one BPI session during a meeting is worth a full year’s dues!

BUSINESS PRACTICE INTERCHANGE (BPI): Up to date, confidential information about the companies that you deal with daily. This members and invited guests only meeting is held during the monthly membership meeting and is designed to keep your company abreast of current trends within the industry.